Monday, 16 February 2015

Colonial Misogyny and Women's Activism in Palestine - Possibilities for Transnational Solidarity

How do the Israeli state's colonial strategies specifically target women?

What are the various forms of resistance in which women in Palestine are engaged?
How can we extend and strengthen initiatives for transnational solidarity

Dr Rania Masri

 Associate Director Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship, American University of Beirut

Monday 2nd March 2015, 7-9pm
Rm B111 Brunei Building, SOAS Thornhaugh Street, Russell Sq
 London WC1H OXG

Rania Masri is a social-justice and anti-war activist.  Her writings and activism have centred on the occupation of Palestine, and the struggle against apartheid and racism.  She has also written and organized extensively on the sanctions on Iraq, and civil and environmental rights.  A partial listing of her writings and talks can be found on her personal website:

Organised by Freedom Without Fear Platform, Decolonising the Mind SOAS, SOAS Students' Union and SOAS Pal Soc

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