Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Calls to action following Women Resisting the Racist Security State Open Meeting

Thank you all who came to the FWFP open meeting on July 3rd 2014. Special thanks to our speakers who all provided unique perspectives on the struggles for a more meaningful justice.

We will shortly post a more detailed account of the meeting and contributions from the speakers. In the meantime do have a look at the following websites which relate to Aderonke and Sarah's talks:

Kamila and her family were really moved by the support of the people at the meeting and were really encouraged by the messages of support and solidarity. We are working with the sisters to build a campaign of support and will update you in the next two weeks with the next steps. In the meantime:
  1. FWFP is looking to organise buses to Gloucester on the 29th September from London and from Birmingham. If you would like to contribute to the costs of this and/or travel on the bus please get in touch with us directly at freedomwithoutfearplatform@gmail.com. We are an unfunded group so would need a critical mass and contribution to afford the bus hire – once we have campaign materials, we will email these out and ask you to circulate widely so that the sisters have some solidarity on the day.
  2. For people who want to be in touch with the MP in Gloucester, his details are here: http://richardgraham.org/ . We will be drafting a template letter for people to send to Mr Graham and will send this out with the campaign materials in the next couple of weeks.
  3. For people who want to be in touch with the Sheikh sisters to arrange your own solidarity actions directly, please email freedomwithoutfearplatform@gmail.com with your phone number and some details of who you are and why you are wanting to get in touch (the family is understandably cautious of who they provide their details to so please provide as much detail as you can and we can forward directly to the family to respond).

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